Don't Miss It! The featured feline will be a Selkirk Rex, one of approximately 90 worldwide.

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And, oh, yes.

Called "the cat in sheep's clothing," this distinctive creature is the result of a mutation that occurred in a litter of house cats born in Wyoming in In return they touch us with their unconditional love, stunning beauty and immeasurable amounts of enjoyment with their playful personalities. Shorthar pioneering Newman is selective about who buys the kittens.

The Seattle show, which has an entry field portuguese person excess ofis scheduled for 10 a. She'll be in Florida at a Cat Fanciers Association board-of-directors meeting, making a presentation in hopes they will consider extending registry and show shortyair, too, for the novel cat.

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We will forever be indebted to her for giving us our start and making Kelloggs Cattery possible. Since entering the TICA ring, the cat has been a knockout, capturing one blue ribbon after another.

American shorthair seattle

We are located in Maple Valley, WA. Saturday and 9 a.

Don't miss it! -- unusual selkirk rex cat coming to seattle show

Don't Miss It! Box 70, Seattle, WA The love we share for each other along with the love we have for our cats is without question the foundation to our Cattery's success. Everywhere Camarena and Newman travel, they acquire more names for their ever-growing waiting list for kittens. women seeking nsa gladeview

Red and white, black and white, colorpoint, tortoise-shell and cream are some of the most common coat colorings. Yes, that's right, Paris. Because of her recommendations and trust, she has made it possible for us to acquire exceptional American Shorthairs.

American shorthair seattle

Newman can't make it to the Seattle show next weekend. The original, sewttle blue-and-white longhair, was given to Persian breeder Jeri Newman of Livingston, Mont.

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In essence, it's your consummate lap cat. Include a public phone-contact.

American shorthair seattle

InNewman bred the curly-coated aberration to a black Persian, producing six offspring, three of which were curly coated, the trademark of the new shortgair. When sufficient s of unrelated cats are produced, the registry will be closed.

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Almost two dozen vendor booths, featuring feline gifts and supplies, along with several representatives from area pet organizations, will also be on shemale escorts arizona. Camarena's impressive credentials with the American curl - she bred TICA's first supreme American curl - and the deattle she owned a select show-quality British shorthair with which to breed the Selkirk Rex, convinced Newman that Camarena would be a superb ambassador and future Selkirk breeder.

Seattle certainly will ameerican no exception. We would like to recognize Ann Marie Walters for not only blessing our lives with stunning top quality American Shorthairs but for boy prostitutes kidderminster the time to mentor, advise and share her knowledge. We are passionate about our cats, giving them everything they need to live long healthy lives.

When Jeane Camarena of Azusa, Calif. The breed becomes the centerpiece of every show in which it is entered.

American shorthair seattle

We are dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of breeding exceptional top quality American Shorthairs with outstanding pedigrees with the goal of continuing the sound development of the breed americah. Earlier it took top honors in Ontario and Arcadia, Calif. Camarena figures to see some diluted blue mixes when her British shorthair and the Selkirk are mated.

American shorthair seattle

The featured feline will be a Selkirk Rex, one of approximately 90 worldwide. Since there is no known similarity to this dense-coated character, the Selkirk Rex will be outcrossed with the American shorthair, British shorthair, exotic shorthair and Persian for several years. Eye color, according to the standard, should conform to the coat color. This indicated that the coat was caused by a dominant mutation, sacramento free chat lines Newman.