We attempted to spend a few minutes on each of the six DP's, and at the end, talked a little about the new Dick's Picks 24 release too! David Lemieux is here with us tonight - Say hello Dave! It's up to David, so I have no idea what he's looking for in chat lines for women winner! DL: hooray GG: so let's get started, so we have a few minutes left at the end to talk about other things.

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Sooner rather than later, that is Lonekoyote: Can you tell us a DxPx date that was vetoed?

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DL: We are doing quite well with our release schedule. DL: No kidding!

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GG: we have two chats with Dick in the kinky sexting I'm sure we asked him DL: well, keep your ears open for this year's releases. DL: I don't know what's being released this year. DL: so, before that show's release, it required removal of each click.

DL: I believe he was there. DL: The vhat digitizing and thereafter downloadability is in progress. GG: listening to the end of the "palindrome' just now - awesome. GG: Boreal was a joke!


DL: there are some other great show from that tour, but with DP 1 and DP 14, some of the best have been released Lonekoyote: Did Dick leave behind voluminous notes? Lots of people here at the GD office were at that show and have nothing but great memories of it and they were thrilled to see its release. GG: any last wonderful questions?

GG: Cedar rapids online hooker I'm listening to Jerry too much on this one; he seems tired. DL: still quite extensively C Wyche1: Any hint for 25?

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It's very long, and very inspired. Primal Dead at its best.

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It has such a good feeling, great energy. DL: I am sure it did. DL: I am working very late tonight. DL: Looking for a husband in new keighley once said something similar to me GG: There was some sort of light-show thingy in the center of the crowd, pulsating star patterns and such and then at the end, some guy stood on top of it during Sugar Mag and held a flexible reflector that sprayed stars all over the place DL: It must have been chah.

DL: Yes, DP GG: sounds like lots of work.

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Thank you David! How'd that happen???

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Or BGP? Are these the band's? DL: good night, all - thank you!

Omegle: talk to strangers!

Pigpen DL: There is a technical problem on the tape that involves a click throughout the tape, about vhat clicks per second. DL: those 81s and 82s aren't here. I started working here just around the time Dick was putting that one together.

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I'm sure David wants to go home to supper! GG: yes, what about Dick's notes? GG: Not too shabby; just goes to show there are nuggets in every era.

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DL: to quote the Dude, "ya, well, that's just like your opinion, man" :- If you listen to alot escorts mayfair akron the material, you'll find alot of it is similar playing to this show GG: what did Dick's notes reveal? I have that and DP 22 in the car now and I can't get enough of either GG: I always enjoyed the shows in SF where they only played one night, they put it all into one.

DL: No kidding!

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Brent has some amazing things going on. I had no idea how special it was until later He also really dug the first set. Lord Guano: I was there, Sweeney.

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Lonekoyote: Live Dead Box Set chaat out There are some good tapes in the vault. Why did Dick like these? I understand there isn't as much material. DL: No idea.