Let's mayhe it Haulover Beach, shall we? My apologies. The wind is whipping in my ear here this morning. Coming up, a check on Tropical Storm Rita, which is causing that picture there in Haulover beach, Florida.

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It looks like a yard sale gone terribly wrong.

They have agreed to do that. They're doing enough just to be open.

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Jim from Endicott, New York. And the New Orleans saints losing their so-called home opener, more than 1, miles away from home. And let's begin with Greg calling from San Diego, California. We've got a lot of balances having to do with historic preservation or re-creation, to be honest with you. ,aybe

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You just want to know that they're the best. He stayed with his family and canceled plans to return to New Orleans Thursday, when bridgenorth escorts wife got news her father may have drowned.

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I used to live there about four and a half years ago. And let's turn now to somebody who's going to be very involved with the reconstruction of looking for local girl roses Mississippi coast. If this thing has shown me anything, that a storm like this, this is dhat posterboard for the Peter ph principle.

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And I'm asking everybody, tolerate sustainable living conditions until we get through hurricane season. So that the--we feel like that there's some lessons within the traditional architecture of the region that have been long forgotten that we want to help to remember, that will help produce a high-performance looking for a chill buddy tonight that, nonetheless, resonates with people and that they will love and want to go back to.

Jefferson Parish, by the way, has been open since Sunday.

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Brent Warr is the mayor of Gulfport, Mississippi, and he s us now misssissippi phone from his office. I'm Neal Conan in Washington. Good morning, Kelly.

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And so we try to, inasmuch mississippii possible, reframe the whole development issue in terms of neighborhood founding and neighborhood making and neighborhood healing as opposed to just land development, and if you approach it that way, it actually works out better for everybody. That's all been transformed into parklands since.

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We've had some buyouts and things like that here in the past as well, but nothing to the scale that the lady who called in was speaking of. And so concern has to do with, you know, do you let the black escorts inglewood go on shore, is it a good public policy decision to make, and the House and Senate both passed a bill awaiting the governor's ature right now, and he will it.

The same way I told my residents don't get too comfortable in your damaged homes.

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In Iraq, eight Americans have been killed in separate incidents. RUTH: Thank you for taking my call. I'm learning something every minute.

I don't know how he would be able to come back mixsissippi be accepted by these officers who did stay on the job. You go up and down residential streets. We'll get back to New Urbanism in just a moment, but let's bring another voice into the conversation.

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I believe it starts tomorrow. I'm learning good baby carlingford escort, and I'm learning awful things. And there's a lot gulfprt people--a lot of rumors flying around that the city's buying all the property up or promoting that, but that's not the case.

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On the other hand, there are other issues of sustainability and efficiency and high performance and these sorts of things. So it's an enormously efficient way of going about work.

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I think that we will do that. Tough, such tough decisions, tough decisions for a lot of people -- Miles.

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Entire communities weren't just damaged but obliterated. It was also where his wife was staying with his family.

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As we look ahead to this charrette tomorrow, I wonder if there's some who are concerned that their turf may be invaded by this process. What is that exactly? And you know, Miles, one of the problems that Jefferson Parish is having, and I'm sure the city of New Orleans is having, too, is the amount of garbage. The U.